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Start-up coaching: Trends to watch in clinical trials

Helping start-ups understand how to use trends and foresight to strengthen their innovative solution and pitch

An eye on 2035: The Next-Gen contact lenses

Envisioning the world in 2035 to understand the future potential context(s), drivers and barriers to use contact lenses in 2035

Digital health innovation: profile of early adopters

Understanding adopter and non-adopter profiles with segmentation analysis

Disease area strategy: patient expectations for 2030

Shaping the disease area strategy and early drug development to meet patient expectations in 2030

Digital strategy: the patient of the future

Anticipating patients’ expectations for digital health in 5 years to future-proof digital strategy

Patient and HCP Activation on risk awareness

Harnessing patients trends, emerging expectations and behaviours to find new ways to activate patients and HCPs

The patient journey in rare disease, today and tomorrow

Mapping today’s patient journey and articulating how it would evolve in the future with gene therapy

Digital Therapeutics Landscape and patient adoption

Building the case for change for Digital Therapeutics in a large pharmaceutical company

Keynote: trends shaping the future patient experience

Inspiring insight teams with key trends shaping the future experience of people living with multiple sclerosis