Case Study

Patient and HCP Activation on risk awareness

Harnessing patients trends, emerging expectations and behaviours to find new ways to activate patients and HCPs
Patient and HCP Activation on risk awareness - Think Next
Patient and HCP Activation on risk awareness - Think Next
Patient and HCP Activation on risk awareness - Think Next

Key Deliverables

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US diabetic patients and caregivers in survey
patient centric trends
post-its from ideation workshop
"big ideas" shortlisted


A US-based pharma company

Key Question

How do we activate patients and doctors to drive awareness on a potentially serious condition, and on the treatment solutions that exist? 

Our approach

We leveraged our Patient Trendscoping study to understand attitudes towards health and technology amongst patients with t1 or T2 diabetes and family caregivers in the US. We ran an innovation scan looking at innovative solutions in and outside of diabetes management; and we distilled our insights into a trend analysis to identify key patient trends to leverage for communication and awareness. We used this framework of 10 patient-centric trends as thought starters for an in-person ideation workshop with internal stakeholders.


Following the cross-functional ideation workshop, we synthetised all ideas into 7 strategic directions to consider for patient, caregiver and doctor activations, with an evaluation of ’quick wins’ vs. longer-term endeavours.

Client Feedback

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