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the future

It’s difficult to make the future happen when we can’t envision it. What does tomorrow look like?

We help you build this picture and anticipate where to play in the future.

Scenario Mapping
Thought Leadership


We focus on the trends that matter for you.
We filter consumer, societal and technological trends through the lens of your organization and audience.

We leverage the Patient Trendscoping study, covering 10,500 respondents across 30+ health conditions to identify the most relevant trends for patients and caregivers.

And always with these questions in mind: ‘What does it mean for you & what should you do about it?’

Scenario Mapping

We Identify and develop potential futures to explore assumptions, opportunities or risks, define the most desirable scenario, and future-proof your strategic roadmap for innovation.


We support you in developing future-gazing reports to inspire with your ideas and share your point of view about what’s next.

We help you turn your point of view into a compelling narrative, evidenced with data, emerging signals, and enriched with speculative design and story-telling for more impact.

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