Design future-proof products and services - Think Next
Design future-proof products and services - Think Next

Design Future-Proof experiences and products

There are always new technological solutions. Which ones will best respond to future users’ needs?

We start with people, not technology. We tap into service design and insights methodologies to identify the jobs-to-be-done and the expectations of tomorrow. And how it works with your strategic objectives, too.

co-creation, concept testing
Case for change

Patient insights & experience mapping

Our job is simple: come up with ideas that are fit for patients, fit for you and fit for the future.

Our starting point is always to understand the patient perspective, today’s pain points or gaps, and how they may evolve in the future.

To do so, we can tap into the Patient Trendscoping study, covering 10,500 people in 5 markets across 30+ health conditions.

We also love to turn to qualitative approaches – patient interviews or focus groups, social media listening, expert interviews – to bring you the strategic insights required to move forward with confidence.

ideation and co-creation, concept testing

We believe in collective intelligence and co-creation approaches to identify the best solutions.

With internal teams or with external stakeholders – patients, caregivers, doctors, we run ideation, co-creation and concept testing workshops.

We’re brilliant, but not alone.

Case for change

We all know, getting innovation projects past senior stakeholders is not always easy: Is it the right moment to move? What’s the right business model? Do we have the right capabilities?

We are tireless advocates for forward-thinking innovation, and we’re realistic too, so we can help you to frame the case for change, assess business models and new revenue streams, and build a compelling case to make change happen.

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