Looking for the seeds of the future

We spend a lot of time looking for signals of changes, emerging trends, new paradigms – anything that could be “the seeds of the future”. 

We scout for start-ups,

We survey consumers & patients,

We go to conferences, 

We brainstorm to make sense of these signals.

In this section we share some of this ‘behind-the-curtain’ sense-making work.

What is new - Think Next
On the talent lookout
What is new - Think Next

Emerging signals you can find here

Innovations: discover some product innovation, campaigns or new start-ups that are signaling a much bigger change

Data for health nerds: to move forward with confidence in your innovation agenda, we share key insights from our Patient Trendscoping study

In our Foresight toolkit: to discover more about foresight approaches and why it matters

Conferences reports: a shortcut to the conferences and events where you couldn’t go, with a recap of the new concepts and start-ups that caught our eye

Books we love: to get ideas on the next book to read about the future of health, foresight, user research or  innovation. All opinions featured are ours!



Foresight toolkit



What we've talked about

We’re regularly invited to podcasts, conferences or webinars to share our views on the key trends shaping the future of health.

Discover some of our latest!

Where to catch us next

Coming up soon, you can catch us at the following events & conferences. Whether we’re on the agenda as a speaker or just scouting for fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out for a meet-and-greet. We’re always happy to meet with interesting people!

The Las Vegas HLTH health innovation conference comes to Europe for the first time!
The Dubai Future Forum is the largest gathering of futurists - an invitation-only event for foresights practitioners from all backgrounds and all countries
One of our favourite events of the year! SxSW celebrates the convergence of tech, culture, innovation, film & music.

If you’re a conference organizer looking for original thinkers about the future of health, we’d love to help!

Need to brainstorm a conference agenda? Need a forward-looking keynote speaker or panellist? Need ideas for interesting start-ups to invite?