The future of health:
Our experience in Kidney Health

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is slowly becoming a major public health issue. Often diagnosed and managed too late, CKD leads to dialysis, which takes a huge toll on patients’ quality of life. Driven by the rise of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, the prevalence of CKD is increasing steadily, and it is expected to become the fifth cause of death worldwide by 2040 (1). We’ve worked on several projects related to the future of kidney health:
Kidney Health - Think Next
Kidney Health - Think Next
Kidney Health - Think Next

Explore our Case Studies

If you’re curious about our experience working in this area, explore our case studies below & reach out to us for more information! 

Kidney conditions we’ve worked on: chronic kidney disease, ESRD (dialysis), hyperkalaemia

Digital strategy: the patient of the future

Anticipating patients’ expectations for digital health in 5 years to future-proof digital strategy

Digital Therapeutics Landscape and patient adoption

Building the case for change for Digital Therapeutics in a large pharmaceutical company

Patient-centered design for a digital companion

Identifying what patients need from a companion app to help manage their chronic condition

Unique patient insights from our patient trendscoping study

Additionally, with more than 100 respondents living with chronic kidney disease, our Patient Trendscoping study is also a unique source of insights on patient expectations and behaviours.