Case Study

Digital Therapeutics exploration

Scoping the Digital Therapeutics opportunity in pain management & scanning for potential partners
Digital Therapeutics exploration - Think Next
Pain management
Digital Therapeutics exploration - Think Next

Key Deliverables

Digital therapeutics reviewed
short online training modules


A former colleague working in pain management

Key Question

Shall we start looking closely at the digital therapeutic opportunity?

Our approach

We interviewed external experts (with and without clinical experience), we scouted the world for innovations specific to the client’s areas of focus – looking at apps, virtual reality, games and connected devices. We reviewed the potential and the drivers for growth for digital therapeutics (DTx), the main challenges, and the key players. We turned our materials into a series of training modules.

Enthusiastic follow-up

Think Next was retained to identify potential partners to build a DTx solution.

Digital Therapeutics exploration - Think Next
Digital Therapeutics exploration - Think Next

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