What we do

We work at the convergence of strategy, foresight and service design, to help you make decisions that are fit for the future, fit for your customers, and fit for your organisation.

Envision the future

Trend analysis

Scenario workshops

Thought leadership

What does the world of tomorrow look like? We help you build this picture, understand the key trends, anticipate needs for your future customers – and act on it

Design future-proof experiences & products

Ideation sessions

Opportunity mapping

User-centric design

Strategic insights

We start with people, not technology. We tap into service design and insights methodologies to identify the jobs-to-be-done and the expectations of tomorrow.

Foster a future-oriented mindset

Inspiration shots

Innovation scanning
Start-up scouting

Upskilling & cultural change

How do you foster a more creative, optimistic and future-oriented mindset, and get your stakeholders on board? We’re your strategic partners and cheerleaders every step of the way.

How we do it

At the heart of what we do is always the question: What does the future of health look like, and how to get ready for it?

To answer this question, we continuously scan the environment and look for signals of change:

We monitor the
  • regulatory landscape
  • start-up landscape
  • pharma landscape
  • tech landscape
We interview
  • patients
  • doctors
  • caregivers
  • futurists
We look at
  • innovations
  • data and insights
  • new business models
  • consumer trends
What we do - Think Next
What we do - Think Next
What we do - Think Next

We are future enthusiasts and health experts

We combine future thinking and health expertise, having worked across a wide range of health conditions.

We regularly interview patients, caregivers, doctors to spot emerging expectations.

That’s what sets up part from other trends agencies & futurists.

What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next

Kidney Disease

What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next

Chronic Pain

What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next


What we do - Think Next

Rare Diseases

The patient trendscoping study

What else sets us apart? We have co-designed a consumer survey to track health behaviours and beliefs; so when we talk about trends in health, we have robust data to evidence what we are saying.

How do people manage their health? How ready are they to embrace emerging technologies in health? Where do they look for health information?

All answered in the Patient Trendscoping research.

Our principles for every
client & project...

What we do - Think Next


The future is not written, and we all shape it with our ideas, decisions and actions today. What we think today shapes tomorrow’s world.

What we do - Think Next


Every day we are looking for new trends, fresh ideas and early signals of what might happen. We’ll leave no stone unturned for you.

What we do - Think Next

Tailor Made

Every project is different. We focus on understanding your problem and only then suggest an approach. We aren’t afraid to reinvent the wheel for every project.

What we do - Think Next


We are comfortable telling you things as they are. We’ll give you the facts and tell you (kindly) when we think you are wrong. No one ever learnt anything by being told they were right when they were not.

What we do - Think Next


We keep simple things simple, and we break down complex things into simple chunks. We make things clear for everyone. The process to get there is not simple, but that’s our magic right there.

What we do - Think Next


We’re your thought partners. We will take a stand and make clear recommendations for you to take action.