Who we are - Think Next
Who we are
Who we are - Think Next

A collective of curious minds

Think Next is a boutique consultancy, working with curious and creative talents from various backgrounds.

Our talent roster includes

With shared values

We’re passionate about what we do and these are the values that guide how we work together, and with our clients

Be receptive

listen to all voices; create empathy with users; keep in touch with the start-up scene; monitor the place of innovation

Be fair

be transparent and honest with all people; build trust; evaluate all facts and figures to drive a fair evaluation of ideas; look at context; be the devil’s advocate

Be forward looking

listen to weak signals; anticipate trends and consumer shifts; don’t play catch up; find your own new way; be future – fit

Be bold

leave no stone unturned; explore any idea; go beyond the obvious; ignore the ‘can’t do ‘; speak for the minority opinion keep challenging the status-quo

Be inspiring

spark ideas; create magical ‘aha’ moments; leave people energized & optimistic about what the future holds

Be fun

take people on a great adventure; leave room for dreams; enjoy the moment; dive optimism; make it exciting and fun

Created by a pharma free-thinker

Think Next was founded in 2018 by Agathe Acchiardo, to bring strategic foresight into the health and life sciences sectors. Having worked both in the pharma industry and in a trend agency, she decided to combine the best of both worlds.

Always a curious mind, Agathe has worked almost 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, Asia, Russia, and Latin America, prior to joining a future-oriented consumer trend agency in London. There she led the development of the health practice, working with a leading pharmacy retailer, a cancer charity, and a major player in eyesight and audiology, to help them drive their innovation agenda.

After two years, Agathe identified an opportunity to combine her foresight expertise and her knowledge of the health sector. Think Next was born.

Who we are - Think Next
Who we are - Think Next
Who we are - Think Next

On the talent lookout

We know that the diversity within Think Next is critical to our success, so if you’d like to add your own special talent to the mix, let us know!

We are open to
  • freelancers
  • full-time
  • part-time

A mix of analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills

Empathy and kindness

Curiosity. A self-learner. Happy to ‘google-it-out’

Autonomous and driven. Able to work with limited supervision

A good sense of humour never hurts!

Who we are - Think Next
On the talent lookout
Who we are - Think Next

Living in the Future of Work

As forward thinkers, we know that business is changing, and are already living and working in that future. We trust our team to deliver and know they do their best work when they are happy.

Working from anywhere

Working from anywhere:

We operate 100% remotely, with weekly online catch-ups and regular face-to-face meetings. This works for us and for our clients.

Trust and commitment

Trust and commitment:

We’re not fans of micro-managing (unless you insist!). We trust you to get the job done, with that extra creative sparkle that freedom creates.

Life Comes First

Life comes first:

Work shouldn’t control our lives, so we’re crafting a work experience that works for you: empathetic, adapting to your needs, evolving as you do.

Growth and freedom

Growth and freedom:

We want to help people grow and become better at whatever they want to get better at. If that means studying part-time or starting your own project, it’s OK – keep growing!