At Think Next we do spend a lot of time looking for signals of changes, emerging trends, new paradigms – anything that could be “the seeds of the future”. We scout for start-ups, we survey consumers, we go to conferences, we brainstorm to make sense of these signals. In this section we share some of this ‘behind-the-curtain’ sense-making work.

Signal of change
Our regular series of innovations and broader ‘signals of change’ on specific themes, such as ‘Virtual Reality in Healthcare’, ‘Next-Gen Health campaigns’
Data that matters
There’s nothing like data to build confidence in your foresight & innovation agenda, so here are key data from our Patient Trendscoping study
To bring unexpected food for thought at your next meeting, here’s some long or short, random thought pieces. The ‘Serependity’ space
Book Club
To get ideas on the next book to read about design, foresight, user research, innovation, or health. All opinions featured are just ours!
Been There, Seen That
A shortcut to the conferences and events you couldn’t go to, with a recap of the new concepts and start-ups that caught our eye.
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